Proper Placement of Appliances At Home; A Fairy Hobmother Inspired Topic

fairy_hobmotherFinally the Fairy Hobmother gets to notice me and paid me a visit. He has been spreading his fairy dusts all over the blogosphere and giving presents to those random bloggers that he likes. I’m one of those who have been longing for his visit and hopefully get a chance to be showered by his generous acts.

Now that I’m about to realize that dream, I’m just so inspired to share some of the following tips on how to properly arrange your appliances at home. He presented to me some awesome appliances at during his visit and who knows he might give me one as an early Christmas present.

Anyway, back to the appliance arrangement, we start at the living room. Common electronic things that we have in here would be our television, disc players and some of our kids’ game consoles. These things should be placed in one corner facing our sofa. It can be placed on top of customized rack wherein the TV and disc player are on top of each other. Make sure to place these things near your electric outlet so that the electric wires won’t scatter on the floor. 

Now for the kitchen, this is the place where you would be able to find most of the home appliances. Good thing if you were able to customize the placement of your outlets because most of them have short wires. Your stand alone fridge can be placed right at the corner of your kitchen counter. Make sure as well that your microwave and rice cooker are not so near your sink as water might splash on them while you wash your dishes.

Your washing machine can placed inside your laundry room but if you do not have one, place it outside but make sure it is placed under a roof and it won’t touch the ground. You can put some wood or steel crates on the ground before you place it. Also do the same with your fridge. Do not forget to clean your washing machine after use. The soap residue might stain or start the rust and surely you won’t like it.

I hope you were able to learn something from this post and be inspired to write one as well. Once you leave a comment below you may also have the chance to be tracked by the Fairy Hobmother. Who knows, he might be heading to visit your blog at this very moment.


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  1. Very helpful tips! Although we have our kitchen fixed and finished, our washing machine has been placed in the bathroom and I’m glad it’s a fully automatic one…I don’t need to have water displaced on soil or so….Thank you for the tips!

  2. So true that the placement of the outlet is important or else you’ll end up using extension wires which are not very pleasing to the eyes. Or, you can use plastic moldings to hide the extension wires just like what we did. Thank you very much for the helpful tips.

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