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Which Range Cooker Should I Choose for 2013?

Men and women are now spending more time than ever in the hub of the home.  Investing in a good quality range cooker can really enhance your culinary life, making it easier and more enjoyable to spend time cooking up a storm.

Contemporary vs.Country Chic

Kitchens for 2013 are becoming more modern in style, structured around clean lines, minimal clutter and opening up big, airy spaces.

To complement this kind of kitchen, it’s important to select minimalist fixtures and fittings that will stay true to the simplicity of the space.  Appliances should be designed to blend seamlessly with the rest of the room, so be sure to select styles with a sleek finish such as stainless steel, to make the best of this kitchenstyle.

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Despite the growing popularity of the contemporary kitchen, the classic farmhouse look never goes out of style.  In a traditional country-haven, the cooker can make a great focal point, so a sprawling range unit is ideal. A vintage style will draw the eye and create a homely atmosphere.  

Neutral vs. Colour Pop

Richard Proctor, marketing director of the Eco Kitchens brand from JJO, said: “Mixing colours and textures is onetrend that has gained currency among a receptive UK audience keen to add interest and style to their kitchen.”

Going all out with a strong colour theme is a daring choice, but one that’s worth the risk if you’re willing to make the investment.  Opting for a statementcolour-finished range cooker can give your kitchen real style credentials.

With Colourange it’s possible to blend your own uniquehue for your range cooker, enabling you to create a completely individual unit to give your kitchen a personal touch.

Alternatively,opting for a neutral colour scheme is a less risky design option that is on the rise this year, and the classic cream range cooker really suits this style.In a neutral kitchen, bright colours should be reserved for key accents distributed sparingly around the space.

Dual Fuel vs. Electric

The market has seen a recent surge in the popularity of electric range cookers, as consumers are increasingly opting for the easy-clean induction option over the traditional gas hob.  The electric hob’s sleek glass finish is more suited to the contemporary spaces rising in popularity in the interior design world.

However, for those who prefer the classic look, dual fuel emulates a more vintage style; combining the speed and efficiency of electric ovens, with the immediacy and convenience of a gas hob.

So, 2013 is set to see a healthy balance between classic and contemporary.  With a wealth of options available, this year offers plenty of scope to put your own individual touch on your workspace. What will you choose?

This article was provided by Lauren Grice on behalf of Britannia Living, specialists in premium range ovens and cookers for the home.  Visit us now at


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