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Essential Home Improvements When A Baby Is On The Way

There are times during pregnancy when you can feel quite overwhelmed by the ‘nesting’ instinct. This might happen quite early on in your pregnancy, or you might end up in a panic in the last few weeks. Either way, your home might indeed need a few minor changes to ensure everything is ready for your new arrival.

The first change might be to the layout of your bedroom. Many parents prefer their newborns to sleep in their room with them overnight. This makes sense, as it is unusual for tiny babies to make it through the night without at least one feed! Once your baby is weaned, you will probably be more happy for him to sleep in his own room. This is usually several months to a year away. Make space for the cot next to your bed.

Within just a few weeks, your little one will be enjoying tummy time and those first efforts at crawling. Once they get going, be ready! Babies can be quite speedy, and they might be up on their legs cruising around the furniture after just seven months.

Home Improvements When A Baby Is On The Way

Because bumps and falls are quite common, it’s worth investing in a carpet for the living room and playroom. Stores like Carpet One have a selector tool to help you find the right quality of flooring that you need for the home. It can also be a good idea to take out coffee tables while your little one is finding her feet.

The nursery is one of the first rooms you want to work on when you find out you’re pregnant. Of course, your baby won’t be using it much at first. Still, it’s worth taking the time early in your pregnancy to get everything ready, because as you grow, it becomes physically more challenging. Painting the ceiling and skirting boards are certainly trickier in your last few weeks of pregnancy! Some of the furniture you might need to buy will likely need two people to lift and assemble it. You might also want to invest in soundproof windows in baby’s room and your bedroom. You will both be quite sleep deprived in the first couple of months.

The last room you need to focus on is the kitchen. Make sure all the countertop items are pushed to the back or put away. When your baby is ready for a high chair, they can reach further than you might think. Put childproof closers on all the cupboards well ahead of crawling. Babies are usually ready to try small amounts of mushy foods after six months. You might want to invest in a hand-held blender. That way, you can all enjoy the same foods.

If you live in a two-storey house without a downstairs toilet, you are about to wish you had one. Taking baby through stair gates, up the stairs and settling them for just a moment of convenience is hard work! This is a big home improvement to take on, so consider starting sooner rather than later. It is also very handy when you’re toilet training in a couple of years! Sometimes things happen in a hurry and climbing stairs at the age of two is never easy. Is your home ready for a newborn?

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