Earthquake Safety Tips

The Philippines is one of the Asian countries located along the ring of fire.  It has been decades since the plates underneath greatly moved.  Only recently, tremors have been experienced in the southern part of the country as the tectonic plates moved. Stunning floor shakes and sometimes displacement of the ground results depending on the magnitude and sudden release of energy underground.

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We can never tell when an earthquake will occur.  It is important that we teach and inform our children and other family members of the safety precautions during and after an earthquake.

Allow me to share you some of the most important earthquake safety tips.

  • Be calm and alert.  Protect yourself, take cover under a desk or protect your head with a cushion, book or magazine.
  • Move away from furniture, from glass and windows and stay away from falling objects.
  • If you’re in school or at work, do not rush to exits, stampedes could cause more injury, stay calm and always bring with you a whistle attached in your school or office ID. Evacuate the building immediately after the shaking stops.
  • If you are in a vehicle, stop in the safest place as much as possible, drive away from bridges and tall buildings.
  • After an earthquake, be prepared for aftershocks. Check your house for possible wall cracks and stay outside if you feel the house is no longer safe.
  • On hand emergency kits should always be available for such disasters.
  • Open your portable radio for important news updates and follow emergency instructions

Bear in mind that earthquakes and aftershock schedules cannot be predicted, therefore our exposure to earthquakes is always about to happen, so preparation and safety precaution is the key. We need to have emergency supplies always on hand like drinking water, first aid kit, medicines, food, portable radio, flashlight, spare batteries, clothes and some cash.

Keep safe and always be ready.

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  1. Thanks sa helpful post mo as always…

    I am constantly praying na wag mangyari, and if mangyayari talaga sana nga magkakasama ang pamilya sa bahay….

    1. same here sis, i bought whistles for my kids to be brought with them anywhere they go, better na laging handa di ba

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