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How to be an effective essay writer

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Reading good books will enhance your word power and increase your stock knowledge of vocabularies and terminologies which is essential in essay writing.  A composition can be written with ease  If you will consider  following  the pre-requisites such as planning, researching, using an outline form to organize the sequence of topic sentences in each paragraph to avoid redundancy.  Writing professionals have their own forte depending on the style and type of writing they inscribe.

Successful essay writers say that they create the best material when they inject a little bit of heart and soul into their writing. As we all know essay writing is not a linear process, that’s why professional essay writers offer their services online and you can point your ‘write my essay’ requests to writers.

For beginners, here are some tips on how to be an effective essay writer.

Content is king. To achieve communication goals, clearly state the essay topic, motive and message. Proper coherence and sensible writing should be observed.

Choose the appropriate type of essay – descriptive, narrative, argumentative, non-literary types, or how to come up with your own short story ideas and more for the assigned topic you need to write about.

Write the essay following the proper format that is Introduction, body and conclusion or the closing paragraph.  It is good to write quality articles in a natural way for it shows originality and uniqueness.

Make proofreading a habit, correct misspelled words and grammar mistakes. Double check  your sentence and paragraph construction and make the necessary  adjustments.

Writing essays may be a daunting task at times, yet through continuous practice and reading essay works of others, your writing skills will improve. Keep on writing.



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  1. We get better at certain things when we keep doing them. Practice makes perfect. Yes, when it comes to writing, we shouldn’t rely solely on spell and grammar check. We have to take the time to proofread our work, lest the errors we make reflect our negligence.

  2. I got to won several essay writing contest and I did it by going for content and focusing the theme. It’s also important that I get to think of starting sentence as I always build momentum from a strong starting sentence.

  3. yes, writing essays can be intimidating. more often, i do not know where or how to start even though creative juices are brewing…then, i would normally write the format in a note (i am so ancient^_^) including the ideas, the format….then, everything will fall into places…except for grammar and spelling… (yes, thanks for giving me ideas on the checker, ^_^)

  4. This reminds me of essay writing in school many years ago. I remember thinking how will I ever write anything…. The tips are always helpful.

  5. Concise tips. It truly pays to enrich your word power that’s why I put some effort to read novels whenever I have time.

  6. Essay writing was really my waterloo when I was still studying and I guess until now. I don’t know but most of the time I can’t express my thoughts on a certain topic. But when doing I always remember what my brother always tell me, always go straight to the point and there’s no point in putting flowery words. 🙂

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