The evolving trend of Androgynous Modeling

Androgynous modeling has become popular and trendy lately.  It is a new fashion approach that is “in” nowadays where the models are ambigenders or transgenders. Being polygenders, they are neither noticeably masculine nor feminine in appearance, dress or behavior.  Androgynous modeling is an innovative technique in sporting a combination of men and women’s apparel. It has been widely accepted in most societies around the world and has conquered a nook in the fashion world.

BB Gandang Hari
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Androgynous modeling introduces how clothes worn by men and other boyish accessories can be incorporated into a woman’s fashion. As the women’s fashion now transform into a masculine turn, this mode of style presents and poses the latest mix and blend of both masculine and feminine uniqueness in terms of outfits; a woman can now style her apparels using a man’s cap, a pantsuit and more yet still showing taste and elegance.



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  1. I guess the world is evolving but I just hope they limit their exposure to adults and keep away from younger audience.

  2. I understand that the move was to promote equality and respect towards transgenders. But, we have to also remember that models have quite an impact on today’s youth. Seeing these kinds of models gracing the covers of magazines may send the wrong impression to today’s youth. JMO.

  3. I have a feeling of regret whenever I see Rustom/BB…perhaps because he’s a good person within and he knows the truth but still gave in to his desires to becoming what he is now. Anyway, I agree with Franc and Adeline, impression and exposure go hand in hand…it’s like changing what we know of the norms before…

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