Commonly-Forgotten Aspects Of Wedding Planning

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When planning a wedding, some of the bigger aspects seem to take over – like the venue, the photographer, the cake and the guest list. Whilst these factors admittedly do require a lot of thought and planning, it’s very easy to forget some of the smaller things that also need attention. Here are just a few of the commonly-forgotten aspects…

The rings

It’s hard to believe, but yes, the rings are sometimes forgotten by eager brides-to-be – whose thoughts are all-consumed by flowers and dresses. However aside from the ceremony, these are perhaps the most important aspect of the day. After all, you are there to get married… the party is secondary.

With the rings, you’ll need to decide what sort of metal to go for – perhaps men’s platinum wedding rings are your style, or 18-carat gold is more up your alley. Whatever you prefer, you should make a choice approximately six months prior to your big day.  

Cake knife

When most brides and grooms-to-be remember this, they say “Oh yes, the knife!” Whether or not you decide to opt for an over-the-top, personalised silver knife is up to you. Some couples prefer to keep it low key by using a regular cake knife, whilst others like to make a big deal out of it. They see it as another souvenir of the day and something they can hold onto forever.


Guest book

Not everyone opts for a guest book, but it’s a nice way for your guests to record their best wishes and their advice for a long, happy marriage. This doesn’t necessarily have to be an actual book – some people opt to have a picture of themselves framed and leave a wide border, fit for comments. Or, others prefer to go a little quirky… perhaps putting out old LPs for people to sign, or filling a suitcase with postcards.



Author Bio: Joseph Huckle is an avid blogger and writes for a plethora of subjects ranging from men’s platinum wedding rings to suggesting the importance of using platinum and palladium in making modern jewellery. He lives inBirmingham,UK and enjoys the trending fashion statements.


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