How to Choose Bath Robes for the Entire Family

Busy moms don’t get a chance to relax very often. We’re busy with taking care of the kids, work, taking care of things around the house, and so on. Finally, at the end of the day, we get a chance to relax in a nice, warm bath robe. There are bath robes designed for every member of the family. They are made from every type of material imaginable, ranging from Egyptian cotton to silk.

Choosing the right bath robe for YOU
The most important factors are style and fabrics. Do you want a simple wrap robe or a luxurious hooded robe? What kind of fabric would you feel the most comfortable in?Most robes are belted, although zipped and button robes are becoming pretty popular. As for colors, most women love pastels. You can choose a plain robe or a robe with a pattern or design. Many companies offer the option of having robes personalized. Why not get a personalized robe for every member of your family? 

Choosing a Robe for Dad 
Don’t forget your hubby. Give him a chance to relax in his own robe as well. Men prefer solid color robes in dark purple, maroon, black, wine, or dark blue. For cooler climates, woolen or bamboo bathrobes are good choices for a man. For warmer climates, a kimono style robe would be a good choice. Men’s robes feature a variety of trendy designs such as waves, ribbed, or zigzag patterns. 

Choosing Bath Robes for the Kids 
Many kids’ bath robes have hoods to keep their heads warm and dry. One fancy design that is popular with children is a robe with a terry cloth interior and a plush exterior. Keep in mind that some children are allergic to fabrics such as terry cloth and wool. Bath robes made out of organic cotton or bamboo are ideal for children with allergy problems. 

Whatever type of bath robes you choose for yourself and your family, make sure they are easy to wash and maintain!

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  1. I like the pink one for kids 🙂
    I also prefer if its more comforting and easy to wash ..
    We here in our house we don't use bathrobes eh ,,
    a good towel will do 🙂

  2. Ang cute ng mga bathrobes ng mga kids. hehehe.. 

    I have a bathrobe, kaso hindi ko sya masyadong ginagamit. Ewan ko lang, mas comfortable akong gumamit ng isang big and wide towel.. 😀 Dpende na din siguro sa tao.. 😀

  3. I do not know with other men but personally I have no special preference for items that the public will not see. I normally leave this kind of choice to my wife. Anything comfortable will do for me. I can even do without robe and towel if the children are not around. 🙂 

  4.  a comfy towel will do. usually i am always on the go, after shower i hit it off to dress up for office

  5. I prefer the best fabrics and easy to wash bath robe. My better-half is good on this. I rely upon her in choosing the best appropriate bath robes for us in the whole family.

  6. I have two bathrobes but rarely use them 🙁 Like Rudolph I okay with a simple yet ultra comfortable towel 🙂 

  7. I don't use bath robes… I have one yung parang pang tapis but with buttons in front madeo of owel material too and I have mine with pooh design.. 😉

  8. I have been considering about buying a bathrobe. This one is timely and perhaps a go signal for me to have one. 

  9. the colors look familiar…my daughter and son have one with the same color on the picture…so cute to look at them with their robes on…

  10. im a full time housewife as well with my daughter ashlee but my husband makes sure he cooked something good for me and send me to a spa for a massage if his not able to do dt for me. xx love the robes though, god bless po! 

  11. I am using hubby's blue bathrobe and when my mother in law found out about it ,she gave me a pink thick bathrobe and i so love it .but from yime to time i am still using hubby's bathrobe.

  12. Mine is grey with white spots on, my wife's is girly pink, my eldest son is thomas the tank's deep blue, and my youngest is stripe of red and black.

    So comfy…but my wife sometimes nicks mine..

  13. I simply just use towel once in the house. Like others comments above it's easy to wash the towel but if on trip especially checking in at the hotel robes are there so that's the time for robes.

  14. I only use robes during winter coz it's too cold to be in wrap around towel. But i still prefer it "towel-like" in texture.

  15. i have comfy bathrobes in the house, but I rarely use it because I'm always in a hurry, after taking a bath bihis na agad 🙂

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