How To Save Closet Space For Your Winter Clothes

Small closets are a challenge in many houses. You have an incredible wardrobe to enjoy, and you need more closet space to keep everything tidy. The fact that you need entirely different wardrobes for winter and summer makes the lack of space even more challenging. Use these clutter-busting tips to open up space in your closet for your beautiful winter wardrobe.

Use Space-Age Technology

Space bags are thick plastic bags with a nozzle in the side and a zippered top. After you fill the bag with neatly folded clothes, you can use your vacuum cleaner hose to remove the extra air and compress the bag. Self-sealing, they protect your clothes from bugs, dust and moths. Slip a fabric sheet into the bag ahead of time and you will also keep the clothes smelling fresh. Once the bag is sealed, slip it on the top shelf or even stand it up in the back of the closet. You can even slip the bags under bunk beds to create more space in the closet.

Pretty Baskets for the Top Shelf

Attractive storage options are always a hit. Invest in pretty baskets that you can put along the top shelf of your closet. Use one for neatly rolled sweat pants and another for your long underwear. Accessing the clothes is easier, and the baskets will make the closet look beautiful at the same time. 

Shelf Dividers

If you don’t like the idea of using baskets on the shelves but still need to make them neater, then pick up a few shelf dividers. These upright dividers simply clip onto shelves and create neat cubicles along the closet shelf. You can easily see everything, but you won’t have to deal with stacks of clothes falling over any longer.

Make Use of the Door

There are countless options for adding storage to the inside of a closet door. Over-the-door shoe organizers featuring pockets are perfect for storing belts, scarves and other accessories to keep them organized.

Flip-Front Clear Shoe Boxes

Shoes are the bane of many closets. They don’t stack well, the organizers designed for them don’t always work and they wind up a jumbled mess. There’s no hope of keeping your winter clothes in the closet when shoes are greedily claiming the space. Invest in flip-front clear shoe boxes. Neatly stacked, they will protect your footwear while providing you with easy access. Lined up along a high shelf, they will take up less space while also being neat and orderly so you can find the right pair.

Reclaim the Walls

Closets often have sections of wall that go unused. Left open by the builder so you can easily reach into the closet and get hangars down, they are an untapped resource. With hanging organizers that mount directly to the wall, you can reclaim this space for belts and scarves or even purses and shoe racks. Make sure you can still get the clothes out of the closet easily with the new organizers in place, and then prepare to expand your storage space and make room for winter clothes.


There are so many ways to add storage to the closet for your winter gear. For your kids bedrooms, consider purchasing well-designed loft beds for kids to free up some space for the storage cabinets. Try for yourself and you’ll love these smart storage ideas!

Written by Kylie Ward


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