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Interior Design Guide: Creating the Ultimate Bachelor’s Pad

Interior Design Guide: Creating the Ultimate Bachelor’s Pad

Not all men experience living the privileged life of a successful bachelor. So when one goes through this stage of combined singlehood and expendable income, men seize the moment and create their one of a kind domain – the ultimate bachelor’s pad.

Basically, men to have a bachelor’s pad should be – single and owns a considerable amount of money to create a bachelor’s pad with a luxury interior design that goes beyond one’s imagination. Still depending on one’s resources, he can either buy a pad or find the perfect place to rent – a place  to modify a bit to suit his taste, needs and personality.


The idea is to keep the interior as bare as possible. This is also pocket-friendly, as you don’t have to spend to buy a lot! If the living room, dining, and kitchen are in one area, go with an open space approach to make everything look spacious.

Color Schemes

Men have also become very particular when it comes to the look and feel of their abode. Though some color scheme ideas on pad decorating primarily falls on the wilder high-tech-sci-fi-minimalist or sometimes classy and elegant masculine feel, you should also be aware of what your guest, especially girls, will feel about your theme. Small rooms will go best with minimalist colors and a flood of light, but large spaces can benefit from a mix of dark masculine colors.


Who says interior decorating is a sole concern of women? When choosing furniture pieces for a bachelor’s pad consider those that make an impact on first sight. Go for the biggest L-shaped sofa with stylish mix of dark and light colors and soft leather feel. Black and white may be safe choices but red or black is great for impact and it rarely clashes with other colors too.

 Bachelor’s Pad bedroom


Have you a separate bedroom, get a simplistic bed frame: metal bed frames, platform beds and pallet frames are in, and also would add to minimalistic vibe.

Get neutral-colored blankets, pillows, comforters and sheets such as beige, whites, gray,  navy blue or even black. The storage should be enough for your items, and putting a lamp on the bedside table will give the room a cozy feel.

Appliance and Lighting

For highlighting and spot effect, have some mood lighting installed at strategic areas around your pad. A bachelor’s pad will never be a bachelor’s pad without a killer entertainment system. Keep in mind that this construes your status symbol as well as serves as an electronic equivalent of your maleness. Go for best and the biggest television you can afford and do the same for your surround sound system.  Don’t miss out on the latest gaming console too!


Empty walls might give off a clinic vibe, so hang a piece of colorful poster, a favorite painting of yours, or your bike on the wall to break the monotony.


Plants literally breathe life into any space. A green pop of color in the room also adds a happy vibe and can give the feeling of relaxation. It’s an old tale that men shouldn’t have plants, being a plantdad is considered cool nowadays!


Lastly, don’t think about starting an ultimate bachelor’s pad without considering having your own bar! If you love throwing parties, a sophisticated bar unit is an essential. Moreover, you can also go get something truly obscene or any unnecessary luxury to set you apart from the rest. It could be a Jacuzzi, a huge barbeque grill on your terrace, a golf stimulator or a front half of a Ford Mustang in your living room!

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