Keep your dogs healthy, get rid of fleas and ticks

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Timmy, our house dog
Timmy, our house dog

Fleas and ticks are great nuisance to our pet dogs and to us owners as well, as these parasites also can get and transfer to our sofas and beds too. Infestation greatly affects the dog’s quality of life, moreover if left untreated can pose serious health risks to our pets.

Pulling off multiple ticks and fleas from our dogs on a daily basis won’t help solve the problem, as these tiny bloodsuckers don’t die easily and they multiply quickly.  We learned from our Vet about the proper flea control regimen.  Our dogs were treated with an anti-flea medication, to be applied once a month to get rid of the parasites completely. 


tom and geri
tom and geri

To achieve the maximum effectiveness of the medication, it is a must for the dog to be thoroughly washed and dried first before the correct dose of anti-flea medication be applied in order for the medicine to be fully absorbed. It is also very important to apply it on the area or spot where your dog will not able to reach it to avoid poisoning.  Our Vet applied it on between the shoulder blades on our smallest dog – Timmy, the miniature dachshund 🙂 For our other dogs it is applied on the back .

We were also advised not to give our dogs a bath for at least three days after the medication is applied. As I keenly observed how the anti-flea medicine was applied and the proper dosage for each of our dogs, I will be buying the tube over the counter in Vet. Supplies/store and do it myself or my husband for it will be cheaper if we will buy it over the counter lol.

I am impressed and pleased with the anti-flea medicine’s performance, dead fleas fall off and after 5 days, our dogs regain their happy mood, no more scratching and they are no longer irritable.

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