Mistakes To Avoid When Storing Gold

Gold has enchanted us since time began, and has always been the most recognised form of wealth that is globally accepted, yet it can easily get damaged, and with that in mind, here are a few gold storage mistakes to avoid.

Storing Gold

  • Forgetting Where You Left It – It is very easy to suddenly have an idea of a secret place to leave an item of gold, then completely forget about it. Out of sight is out of mind, so you won’t be thinking about the item, and when you do finally remember, you have forgotten where you put it.
  • No Secure Storage – If you leave an item of gold jewellery laying around, the chances are it will disappear, and rather than taking any chances, you should keep all gold items in a secure location. If you are looking to buy or sell gold, check out, who are a leading gold dealer who you can trust. Many investors have their wealth in gold bars, which they keep in a safety deposit box, which is the safest place to keep such valuable commodities.
  • Avoid Hard Surfaces – Gold is a very soft and malleable metal, therefore you should avoid it coming into contact with any hard surfaces, which would easily scratch the gold. Gold jewellery should be kept in small velvet bags, which ensures the item does not come into contact with any material. Putting a gold watch in the same pocket as your car keys could damage the surface, so it is important to avoid any abrasion with solid objects.
  • Jewellery Damage – All kinds of things can damage the surface of gold, such as perfumes, lotions and sprays, so you should clean your gold jewellery on a regular basis. You can learn how to clean gold jewellery from this informative blog, which will help you keep your gold jewellery in tip-top condition. There are custom jewellers who also repair gold jewellery, so before you sell a broken item for scrap, find out if it is repairable, as this might be a better option.
  • Wearing Gold While Swimming – Many people lose a necklace, ring or bracelet when swimming in the ocean, so it is a general rule to remove all gold jewellery before going for a swim in the sea. On the beaches of Sydney, there are gold hunters who patrol the sands with a metal detector, and gold jewellery is a common find. Wearing gold when playing contact sports is never a good idea, as the gold could injure a third party, not to mention yourself.

As gold is such a valuable commodity, one should always store it in a safe and secure location, and gold jewellery needs to be cleaned often, which will help it to maintain its glow and shine. If you would like to add some gold to your portfolio, there are online gold dealers who can sell you gold in many different forms, and all it takes to find a reputable gold bullion dealer is an online search.


Image by Markéta Machová from Pixabay

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