Mix Wearable Prints Fashionably yet not Flashy

Print mixing is now trendy. Stripes, floral patterns, polka dots and tribal patterns combined with modern geometrics are hip in most fashion garb outlets these days. Printed designs create a sophisticated and edgy style outlook. However, this is one difficult style and look to pull off so you have to be careful when you mix and match. These amazing and beautiful stylish patterns form new life into your look if mixed and coordinated properly as it can create a fashionable look yet not over the top.




Here are some pointers on how to make print mixing wearable.


Begin with neutral colors

Start mixing prints with neutral colors to help you harmonize them better. You can try brighter colors to create a bold look but manage to stay in the same color family.


Balance mixing prints

Design must be of the same size or scale to coordinate mixing. For a start you can mix a black and white stripe blazer with a polka dot top paired with slacks.


Throw in solid colors into your outfit

A printed top and printed pants with a solid color blazer or printed blazer and top with a solid colored pants.


Mixing complicated prints

Complicated or intricate prints will look good if one of the patterns  is in neutral hue and the other in bright hue.


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