My Last Shopping Trip To New York

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Last year, I took a short shopping trip to New York to see if I could have a good shopping experience. From the moment I booked a cheap flight to the city to the moment set my foot on the city’s famous streets, I found every reason to smile and be happy. Many department stores in the vibrant city are not far away from each other and can be accessed easily on foot. The following are some of the best stores I managed to visit:

1. Brooklyn Flea Market (Fort Greene)

The Brooklyn Flea market turned out to be one of my most favourite shopping centres in New York. I was amazed by the large number of vendors selling a wide variety products including vegetables, fruits, beauty products, gift baskets, furniture, arts & crafts, plants & flowers, shoes, vintage clothes, toys, modern and traditional musical instruments, pastries, antiques, and books at very affordable rates. I learnt that during winter, the market is usually moved indoors to a large, beautifully decorated space in the former Williamsburgh Savings Bank building found in Flatbush, off the Atlantic Avenue. 


2. Bloomingdale’s Soho

The Bloomingdale Soho is one of the most famous high-end department stores always talked about in television shows, and shopping magazines in the United States. It offers different varieties of designer shoes for men and women, jewellery, eyewear, luggage, swimwear, cuff links, handbags, watches, hats, and ties. I would recommend this store to women or men who really love and value their daughters, wives, or mothers as it offers many products for ladies.

3. Manhattan Mall

I came to love Manhattan Mall not only because of the numerous fascinating products it offers, but also because of its strategic location. The mall is found in the heart of Manhattan, a few metres from some of New York’s notable attractions including the Madison Square Garden, Pen Station, and the Empire State Building. It has dozens of creative and friendly retailers selling fashionable shoes, baby gear, comic books, sports gear & clothing, movies, and beauty products. The mouth watering-dishes at the food court are irresistible. I could not leave the mall without tasting the best of American cuisine and wines.

4. Little India Stores

I have always been fascinated with foreign culture, especially the Indian culture. The Little India Stores made me feel like I was actually in India because of the large number of Indian retailers selling a wide variety of Indian clothes, shoes, jewellery, saris, movies, music, foodstuffs, textiles, groceries, and pieces of art. I interacted with very friendly retailer who gave me discounts and taught me a bit of Indian language.

5. FAO Schwarz

My children love toys so much and every time I go out for a trip, they have to ask me to bring them better and modern ones that they can play with. When I visited FAO Schwarz, which stands out as the oldest and biggest toy store in the United States, I found a lot of toys to choose from. It offers a variety of real-life toy soldiers, life-sized stuffed animals, dolls, air-hockey sets, and gas-powered kiddie convertibles designed to thrill children and adults alike. The interactive activities, candy section, floor piano, and the family movies offer so much fun that made me wish I could have come with my kids for unforgettable experiences.

6. Astoria Market

Before going back home, I found it very necessary to visit the eclectic Astoria Market which operates out of the famous Bohemian Hall & Beer Garden. There are many artisans, bakers and retailers selling handbags, hand-painted mugs, hand-made jewellery, yoga mat bags, colourful candles, totes, and glass mosaics.

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