The Benefits of Learning to Drive in a Smaller Car

Learning to drive can be an overwhelming experience for many young enthusiasts. The first time behind a wheel operating heavy machinery (car, truck, motorbike) can be a frustrating experience for many learners, as the mistakes and concerns begin to pile up, ultimately discouraging them to learn as they lose self-confidence in their abilities. Initially their skills will be limited, as they haven’t driven before. This is an obvious statement and any new learning experience will be difficult. Regardless, learner drivers should be gaining lessons from knowledgeable and qualified instructors, such provided through My Driving School. They should also be provided the best possible vehicles to learn in, such as smaller, economical cars, to help provide ease and a smooth transition process. The benefits of learning in a small car include:


Smaller cars are much easier to learn in as they are more convenient to manoeuvre on the road and between obstacles. Especially for parking, this can be one of the more problematic learner difficulties. Parking isn’t easy, as you try and avoid the gutter, surrounding cars and other obstacles that may be situated within close distance. A smaller car allows more room to orchestrate and accurately park.

Smaller cars will also allow learners to accurately drive on the road. This would include for example, more expedient turns around corners, over hills and around other traffic etc. This will allow the learner to increase their confidence. 

Controlling the Car

Smaller cars are much lighter and the learner driver can feel they have more control of the vehicle, opposed to the vehicle controlling them. This will grow self-confidence as they become accustom to general road rules and everyday driving interactions. Having full control of the vehicle is crucial and will determine how safely they drive. This will come in effect for any unexpected occurrences, such as instant breaking. For whatever reason, you may need to immediately apply the brakes. Having full control of the vehicle will allow learners to be able to stop more abruptly if required.

Develop More Skills

Students learning to drive in a smaller, compact car will be able to gauge a better ‘feeling’ of the vehicle they are operating. This will allow them to experience driving in a more effective manner. Similar to that of ‘controlling the car’, they will develop further skills from simply determining a feel on the road and from the car itself. This is important as the more control the learner has, the more skills they will acquire and the more confident they will become.

smaller car driving

The aim of driving lessons is to provide quality lessons to learner drivers, in order to get them road ready and eligible to pass their final road test. Smaller cars are more convenient and economical (in most cases) to achieve this goal.

Dom Lynch is a reputable mechanic based in Brisbane, Australia. He has a popular presence within the entire automotive industry and has also had a stint as a driving instructor.

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