5 Essential Items to Keep in Your Car at all Times

When people get ready to go out for a spin in their car and show off the model to their friends, they often do not consider everything that needs to come along with them. However, you certainly should keep these five essential items in your vehicle at all times.

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License and Registration

No one wants to get pulled over; however, it just happens from time to time. If you are stopped for violating one of the traffic laws, you’re likely going to be asked for your license and registration. In the event that you do not have one or both of these documents on you, you might wind up being in even bigger trouble than before.  

Your Insurance Card

Another scenario that no one wants to be in is a car accident, but, again, these things do happen. Generally, it’s wise to go through insurance, so you want to have your insurance card readily available to exchange information with the other person. Failure to be able to provide this information could lead to a problem in the future. The other person might wind up coming after you personally for money as opposed to your company. This usually can be rectified, but it’s best not to take changes.

Mobile Phone

You should never be talking on the phone or texting while you’re driving down the road, unless your car allows you to speak hands-free through the steering wheel or another device. In the event of an accident or if someone is chasing you down the road, you’ll be able to call for help. Let’s say the car breaks down, and you’re nowhere near a payphone or other store. Using your cell phone is a great help. Make sure it’s always fully charged.

Extra Cash

Many places do take both credit and debit cards these days, so you don’t always have to worry. Still, it’s necessary to have cash for certain transactions. Being stuck without cash could mean that your car cannot be towed or that the service provider is unable to give you the necessary help you need. The problem could be simpler. Maybe you’ve stopped at a store, filled up the car with a few items and have now realized they accept only cash. Having some spare money on you saves you from having to come back alter.

An Emergency Kit

No matter how hard you try to prevent them, emergency situations sometimes happen. You should have bottles of water to prevent dehydration, a few flashlights and extra batteries, a blanket to stay warm and a first aid kit. Having signals to let people know that you are in trouble is smart too. Just make sure they do not have the possibility of exploding in your car.

Of course, many of these items, such as cash, license and registration, should not be left in the car alone. Rather, they should be on your person when you get in the vehicle.

Harold Bewick is a Car Salesman from Queensland, Australia. He says that these are the essential items you should always have in your car but they are often forgotten. Harold says his most popular car to sell at the moment is the Suzuki Swift and he attributes this to its great value for money and safety features.

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