No Bones About It: 4 Best Cities for Dogs

The unconditional love and undeniable charms of a dog are hard for many people to resist. It is probably no shock that America is a nation of dog lovers, but some of the best places to live for our beloved canine companions may surprise you. Taking into account factors like pet health care, the availability of dog parks, and walkability, these towns and cities provide many perks for dogs and the people who adore them.


Seattle has a larger population of dogs than kids, and that says something about the city, as well as its human and canine residents! No, Seattle does not provide a tropical climate with sunshine each day, but it does provide plenty of walking paths for pet owners to enjoy with their dogs when the weather is nice. Also, dogs are welcome on the public transportation in the city. Local shops offer hundreds of products to help dogs enjoy the great outdoors, and many meet-up groups for dog lovers allows chances for dogs and their humans to make friends.

San Francisco, California

San Francisco is considered to be the cultural center of Northern California, and it also is quickly building the reputation as a mecca for dog lovers and their four-legged friends. It has plenty of dog parks. In fact, more than two dozen dog parks allow canines to run, play, and socialize with other dogs. It also has a lot of walking paths, and dogs are allowed to ride on trolley cars, so they aren’t restricted to only a local neighborhood. The city hosts dog-friendly bars, restaurants, and even gyms.

Portland, Oregon

Portland has enjoyed a reputation as a mecca for nature lovers for many years, and even its nickname of Rose City refers to the natural beauty of the city. So it should not be a huge surprise that Portland is also a haven for dog lovers and their canine companions. Portland has nearly three dozen dog parks, which is more than any other big city in the country, and it boasts its own social network for dog lovers. Many of its restaurant policies will even allow dogs to enjoy a meal alongside their owners.

Boston, Massachusetts

Known for its rich history, the Red Sox, and maybe even as being the setting for the beloved sitcom “Cheers,” Boston is also one of the best cities for dog lovers. It has a wealth of parks and public places for people to walk their dogs, and it also hosts hundreds of dog-friendly activities. Dogs are allowed on Boston’s subway as long as it’s not during peak hours for commuters, so getting around the city with a canine companion is easy. Even businesses get in on the fun, with the local Liberty Hotel hosting a happy hour that caters to both dogs and people.

Finally, when you are considering the ideal places for you and your furry friends, don’t be afraid of contacting businesses and individuals directly. Keep an open mind as you explore possible homes. You may be surprised at how flexible some locations are, and big cities and small towns alike may welcome your canine companion with open arms.

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