Orderly Home: Best Ways to Keep Things in Their Places

Whether you live in a home with ample square footage or have a scaled-down place with limited storage space, keeping all your essentials in place can be a challenge for anyone. Try incorporating the following tips to create a space that is organized and where all your things are easily accessible.

orderly home

Sort First, Then Make a Plan

The first step in creating an organized home environment is to take stock of what you have and plan out dedicated spaces for all your things. If there is an overflow of stuff in your home, you should take a serious look at what you absolutely need versus what you can donate or throw away. Eliminate duplicates and empty out any “junk” drawers in your home. Once you’ve assessed what you have, put corresponding items together and determine where to store them based on how often you’ll need access to them.

Take Advantage of Vertical Space

Obvious storage spaces like cabinets, drawers and closets fill up quickly, so get creative with your stash. Purchase wall shelves for areas like the living room and bathroom to store things that can be out in the open such as books or towels. For items you’d rather have hidden, take advantage of systems that latch onto the backs of doors in cabinets or closets. These are perfect places to store small kitchen and pantry items or seasonal clothing such as winter hats and gloves.

Call in the Professionals and Utilize a Cleaning Service

Once you’ve started to find a place for everything, don’t be afraid to call in a service for house cleaning services to get some additional help. Not only can these services help de-clutter and clean your home, they can help maintain what you’ve already started. As an added benefit, these services offer green cleaning, keeping your home both clean and healthy.

Create a Checklist or Chore Chart to Keep You on Task

The best way to ensure that you’ll maintain this newly organized space is to keep yourself accountable. Create a weekly plan for cleaning and de-cluttering through personal checklists or a family chore chart. Pay attention to items such as daily mail or office and school paperwork that have a habit of building up. And regularly browse your pantry to be sure you’re using up food items or trashing anything that is past its expiration date.


With some advanced planning and a little dedication to maintenance, anyone can create organized harmony in their home. No matter the size of your space, you can find the perfect place for all your belongings.

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