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How A Few Paving Stones Can Revamp Your Outdoor Spaces

Many people say that we don’t spend enough time outdoors. That’s worrying, and it’s most worrying for children. If kids don’t spend time outside – and most of them don’t – then it can mess up their lives in the long run. They’ll get used to living indoors. They won’t get enough vitamin D from the sun. They’ll lose the art of outdoor play. They’ll become unfit. These are all terrible consequences of a life without the great outdoors.

You can help your children rediscover the joy of being outside. All it takes is a little care and attention towards your garden. Lots of us have gardens that resemble unkempt wildernesses, not areas where kids can play. That’s easy to solve. As it turns out, just a few creative uses of ordinary paving stones can turn your garden into a paradise fit for play. Here’s how.

image by Jim Champion on Flickr

You can use paving stones from Easy Pave in a variety of different ways. Let’s say you’re worried about monitoring your children if they’re out in the garden. Paving stones can make a fantastic patio. A patio at the top or bottom of your garden can be the perfect place to keep watch over your kids. You can also catch a few rays there without getting a wet backside from your grass. Another use for a patio could be as a place to socialise as a family, so don’t hesitate to put some quality outdoor furniture Melbourne homes use. You could stick a barbecue on it and invite the neighbours round. That way, all the kids in the neighbourhood can get together and play in your back garden. All that, from the cost of a few paving stones!

Paving can also solve a few issues that may stop you from letting your kids outside. You can use them as stepping stones between the home and the garden area. That’s good for younger children, as it gives them a safe place from any thorns or nettles. There are lots of dangers in gardens, but stepping stones can act as a ‘safe zone’ for any children who can’t recognise hazards.

Child's play
image by Michael Tyler on Flickr

You should also consider using paving to act as a wall in larger gardens. That way, you can separate your garden into different areas. That can be a great way to give the children their own designated area in which to play. Walls are most useful for parents who grow plants or vegetables in their garden. They can act as a barrier, protecting the plants while encouraging the children to play. What’s more, giving the children a walled area of the garden can give them a sense of responsibility. If they’re in charge of maintaining their section of the garden, they’ll feel more mature. Encouraging responsible play is a great way for your children to move towards adulthood.

You might not think that a few paving stones can revamp your outdoor spaces into fantastic and safe play areas. As you can see now, that’s not the case. A garden is an asset to any home. Make the most of it. Your kids will thank you for it if you do.

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