Say it with Flowers

Feelings and emotions can be best expressed with flowers. It is well appreciated and admired by most humans, it conveys as objects of romance, sympathy, ritual, religion, medicine and even as a source of food.



These blossoms can be a perfect way to show love and affection, it could cheer up a sick person and could express commiseration for the dead.

Flowers add to make beautiful decorations for important occasions and events like weddings, birthdays, business openings and more.

It may also give an inviting scent for our homes and can be an attractive table centerpiece during family holiday celebrations.

Edible flowers can be used for cooking like the squash flowers and some can be turned into wine. Dried fragrant blooms can be used as potpourri for bathrooms and bedrooms.

Flowers are usually used in perfumery, as most perfumes in the market are mostly made from sweet scented flower oils.

Some flowers are added to beauty and hygiene products while some has medicinal value that has been used traditionally by old folks.

It can be an insect repellent like marigold, which can drive away mosquitoes as it also attracts bees and other helpful pollinators.

Garden embellishments are dull without flowering plants. These blooms can add loveliness and splendor to the home’s patio.


Note: Some of the photos are mine and others are taken from the web.

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