What is the Name of this Plant?

I have this plant for many years now but up to this time I still do not know what it is called. (lol) 

I brought home mature seeds of it when we went to Zamboanga City years ago, I planted it and luckily I was able to grow three seedlings of it.  They call it money tree in Zamboanga City. It blooms only seasonal having the red and yellow flowers. This plant according to the natives carries the belief that if the yellow flowers dominate the red ones, you will be expecting more money to come in.  Oh! how I wish that is really true J.
I was very interested to bring home this plant the first time I saw it.  The combination of the little red and yellow flowers in full bloom is very beautiful.
The seed will come first in greens then when it turned black, it means it is already matured and ready for planting.  From three seedlings I was able to grow many more seedlings of it. I have given some of my neighbors who were interested in having them. 

It is now just starting to blossom. I will be taking a picture of it again when it is in full bloom. 
If you happen to know the name of this plant, please let me know J

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  1. Visiting here! 🙂

    Honestly I don't know what this plant's name is even though my parents are from Zamboanga. I'll try to see if I can get them to tell the name. ^_^

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