Household Saving Tips

Due to increasing prices of primary commodities and un-increasing salary/wages, household budgeting becomes a pain in the neck to most housewives like me. 
Monthly bills like electricity are ballooning especially during this summer season. How to save and how to use economically are the things we should consider and start to implement in our households to cope up and to meet with our budget.  We should learn how tighten our belts during hard times.
Here are some of the House Saving Tips that I will share to you:
Reducing Electricity Consumption
  • Turn off unused lights in the house
  • Use compact fluorescent (Energy Star rated) bulbs to replace incandescent bulbs, when they burn out. They use about 25% of normal bulbs and last 10 times longer.
  • Schedule doing the laundry once or twice a week, use fabric conditioner to minimize the need to iron clothes.
  • Ironing clothes in the morning is best wherein the weather is still cool and less appliances are in use
  • Unplug appliances when not in use, televisions in standby mode still consumes electricity, so as with other electrical appliances.
  • Air conditioning units must be cleaned and maintained regularly, contact a certified aircon technician if you cannot do the job.  Also see to it the the filters are weekly cleaned.
  • Test your refrigerator seals, fix or have it changed if the suction has become weak.  Avoid putting hot or warm food inside the ref. Let it cool first before putting them inside.
  • For your desktop computers, LCD monitors uses less energy compared to CRT monitors.
  • Maximize the usage of daytime light as much as possible, open the windows to have proper ventilation and to let in the air.
  • Sleep at night with the lights turned off.  Use the air conditioner timer, set it to turn off an hour before the time you wake up.
  • You may visit the Meralco page Time-Of-Use (TOU) Rate Program for Residential and Meralco Appliance Calculator to get more information on electrical saving tips
Reducing Water Bill
  • Check for pipe leakage, replace dripping faucets
  • Use a small basin in washing the dishes instead of washing it directly in continuous water flow
  • Use of a shower or the use of pail and dipper (tabo)? It depends on how you use it.  I prefer the pail and dipper usage in our household.
  • Turn off the faucet in the lavatory while you brush your teeth
  • The toilet bowl should be checked too if the commode water tank has a leak
  • Automatic washing machines uses more water than the standard washing machine. Rinsing the clothes manually is more practical.
Of course, we cannot do this alone for this should be a household effort. We need to set a commitment and cooperation among family members and househelp to make our conservation plan successful.

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  1. nice post, I am eyeing on the automatic washing machine but now thinking twice as you mentioned it consumed more waters…

  2. actually automatic washing machines are very handy if you do not have a househelp, proven in my case. all you need to do is just put the clothes, open the faucet, pour in the detergent soap, that's it. it will just buzz when the washing is done 🙂 but I also have the standard two tub washer, which is what my househelp is using. i do not let them use the automatic washer hehe

  3. Kaso naman kasi,kahit anong pagtitipid ang gawin, mahal pa rin ang kuryente jan sa atin compared dito.

    Blog hopping thru The Bloggers Exchange

  4. One time we had to pay thrice our water bill. May butas kasi yung water tank namin. Grabe lang.

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