The Wise Spender

Ever since my eldest son started to work in a corporate firm after graduating from a college degree, I noticed his maturity developed into a higher level.  He now can make better decisions through weighing things down and most importantly he is now more responsible in handling and managing his finances. He told me the other night that he is interested in getting a credit card.  He told me that for practical reasons, our family needs one.  While he was browsing online finance services websites he stumbled upon Totally Money which offers services in giving impartial information on financial products.

Credit cards compared online will truly benefit consumers by helping make better decisions in choosing the best credit card company through comparing the strengths of different credit cards available in town.  Customers will have more options to select by measuring and evaluating the key features of existing credit cards.  Important details on purchase offer like percentage interest, length of balance transfer offer and other benefits the card proposes are important matters to consider, or else you will come up in switching providers if expectations were not met.

Just this morning, while having our breakfast, JM informed me and his dad that he decided to get a credit card not because he wants to be a spendthrift but to have enough funds on hand in cases of urgent situations.  I saw my husband’s big smile while saying – “you are really now a big man son! Mr. wise spender”


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