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Three Ways You Can Repurpose the Spare Bedroom in Your House and Use it In a Different Way

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Do you currently have an extra bedroom in your home that just isn’t being used to its fullest potential? The typical solution is to transform it into a guest room, but the fact is that not everyone needs a guest room. It may be that you could find more practical and functional ways to use the room that works with your lifestyle. If you’re feeling stuck on what to do with your spare room, here are three ways you can repurpose it into something totally different.

Create a Home Library

This is one of the most popular uses of that spare bedroom and it’s relatively easy to put together. If you enjoy reading and own a lot of books, then it makes sense to create your very own home library.

You’ll want to ensure you include as many bookshelves as possible, even if that means that some need to be customized to fit the configuration of the room. A library will also need overhead lighting and task lighting next to your reading chair. This brings us to the next feature, which is a large comfy chair that is comfortable to sit in for long periods of time. If the chair doesn’t recline, then it would be wise to also buy a footstool/footrest so you can put your feet up.

Additional items include a couple of throw blankets, a small mini fridge for beverages and snacks, and a hot beverage center stocked with herbal tea, coffee, and hot cocoa. You’ll never want to leave the room!

Create a Cigar Lounge

If you want to be the envy of your friends, then a cigar lounge is the way to go. This is something that is completely unexpected and very luxurious to have in your own home. The key to transforming a bedroom into a cigar lounge is that you need proper ventilation.

As the thecigarcafe.com outlines, providing proper ventilation prevents the smoke and odor from getting into other areas of your house. Depending on the size of your room, you may be able to get by with a small filtration unit, or you may need a custom filtration system installing.

Create a Hobby Room

While many are quick to transform a spare room into a craft room, we like to call the space a “hobby room” instead. This title leaves the room’s purpose more open so that you can include things like a crafting table, a wrapping center, an easel with paints, a sewing machine, drawers to organize all your beads, etc. Basically, anything that is considered a hobby can be done in this room.

The key to creating a functional hobby room is to put lots of focus on organization and storage, as well as ample workspace.

Make Better Use of the Spare Room

Each of these ideas can help you to make better use of that spare bedroom that is currently sitting there unused.

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  1. If there ever is a room that I would like in the house that would be library | Playroom. We have lots of books and toys and they are just everywhere. Sadly, we don’t have an extra room anymore that we can re-purpose for this use. So if ever we are going to have a new house eventually, we will just have to have a room for a library.

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