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How to Create the Perfect Baseball Themed Room for Your Young Athlete

Has the time come to update your child’s room into something a bit more grown up? Perhaps you’ve still got the toddler and baby décor happening when in reality it should have come down years ago. A great place to start is by picking a theme that appeals them and will work for many years to come. If you happen to have a young athlete with a love of baseball, a baseball-themed room could be the perfect route to take.

baseball themed room
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Here are some decorating tips and tricks you can use to create that perfect baseball-themed room.

Do They Have a Favorite Player?

Before you get started in picking paint colors and grabbing décor items, you may want to begin with a little brainstorming. Does your young athlete have a favorite professional baseball player? If so you may want to do a little research on that player so you can incorporate some of the stats in the design décor.

For example, maybe your child loves famed superstar Nolan Ryan. The Nolan Ryan career trajectory is one that spans many decades with all kinds of incredible moments. Some of these moments could be used in the design of the room, such as framing baseball cards, printing out stats, and even looking for posters of Ryan.

Pick a Color Palette

The next step is to pick a color palette you want to work with. Typically, the most popular wall colors tend to be soft greys with a blue undertone, various shades of blue, or even bright Kelly green meant to signify the Astroturf of the field. Once you’ve chosen the wall color you can then use other colors from the palette for décor pieces such as the bedding, cushions, wall hangings, lamps, etc.

Check Out the Baseball Themed Decals

While you can certainly go all out and paint a mural on the wall, this can prove to be very time-consuming, expensive, and it’s permanent. Decals can be placed anywhere in the room within seconds, can be moved around anytime, and they can be changed out when you child grows bored of them. It allows for more versatility with the overall design.

If your child is still young they may like a certain type of decal right now and then as they get older you can either get rid of the decals altogether or look for something a bit more grown up.

Create a Display or Focal Point

Another fun project is to create a display or focal point that revolves around baseball. Your child may have a collection of their favorite baseball caps, jerseys, bats, trophies they have won, and even baseballs. You can look for creative ways to use shelving, netting, baskets, and cubbies to display their prized items.

A baseball-themed room gives you a lot of leeway in terms of creative opportunities. There is a lot you can do with a baseball theme and you’ll find that the internet is a fabulous source of ideas and inspiration.

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