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Ways to Celebrate Mom On Her Birthday

Ways to Celebrate Mom On Her Birthday

If your mom’s birthday is coming up, you need to ensure she has a beautiful day where she is spoiled and treated like the queen she is. Being a mom is one of those jobs where you never truly have a day off. Weekends are still filled with cooking and cleaning, ensuring that your child has what they need, and always putting your needs last because your child needs you first. It’s a lot for anyone, but moms handle it with ease and in some cases, make it look easy. The special mom in your life deserves a special celebration just for her on her birthday. The pandemic only made parenting harder as we all navigated uncharted waters, so make sure to make this day extra special for her. We have some tips to pull off the perfect day.

  • Plan an outdoor picnic. Be cautious about the pandemic and take safe measures while planning a nice outdoor event for her. It could be one just for family or you could invite friends to join as well. This can easily be done by setting up blankets for each person with 6 feet in between each, that way everyone is socially distanced, and then creating special individual picnic lunches for each person. Add some mini bottles of wine or sparkling cider for each person to enjoy. This can be a great way to slowly get back into the world safely and give her some time to enjoy herself.
  • Get her a new wardrobe. The women’s short sleeve tops from My Sister’s Closet Boutique are a great option for her. What woman doesn’t like getting new clothing? These tops are adorable and there’s a variety to choose from including comfortable tees for everyday wear as well as dressier blouses for events.
  • Give her a spa day. Give her what all women want, a spa day filled with relaxation and peace. A facial, massage, mani, and pedi could be just what she needs this year to feel rejuvenated and ready to tackle the rest of the year. She’ll get some time to herself, get pampered, and come back even better than when she left.
  • Take her out to brunch. On her birthday treat her to a meal without having to cook or do the dishes afterward! A nice brunch complete with mimosas can be just what she needs to ring in this new year of her life. Whether she prefers to get dressed up and go out for a couple hours for an elegant brunch or would like something more casual, there are plenty of options out there that will match her plans for her birthday.

The important part of her birthday is to make her feel special. Birthdays can be difficult, especially during this pandemic, so we’re sure she will appreciate a little extra effort.



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