A Vet’s Piggy Figurine Collection

My husband by profession is a veterinarian who specializes in the field of swine management. He is a down-to-earth person, full of wits, contented in living a simple life, a homebody, a loving and responsible husband and father and a collector.

Aside from his numerous compilations of medical books, he is fond of collecting piggy figurines as a souvenir. Over the years, he accumulated loads of piggy keepsakes from the places he traveled, domestic or international and mementos from conventions he attended. Whenever we go on some place and found a cute piggy figurine he will surely never miss purchasing it. Some are gifts from friends and relatives.

lucky red piggy bank

This big red piggy bank was given by one of his clients last Chinese New Year 2012.

more piggy banks

The one holding money was our sons’ gift on his last birthday, while the red one came from a family friend and the third one was a token from Insular Life.

piggy figurines from different parts of the world

Picture above are the piggy collection from USA, Canada and Europe, the green elephant is from Thaliand 🙂

more figurines

The big one at the back is also a piggy bank, Buddha replica a gift from a friend, and a piggy pencil holder at the far right.

smaller piggy figurines
piggy figurines of different professions
piggy boxer, superman and more
miniature piggy figurines
the piggy wine holder


I clean the figurines on a quarterly basis and surely, in the years to come a lot more will be added to my husband’s precious collection 🙂

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  1. Soooo cute, especially the wine holder! =) I actually have a Piggy bank that’s also ceramic made.. it’s been with me for years.. kaso no money inside! heheh

    1.  our piggy banks have only a coin or two, nadala na ako, my last househelper tinangay yun isang napuno ko na waaa

  2. Awww ang cute!! I love the wine holder! Hehehe. The last time I had a piggy bank was when I was about 9 ata. Nabasag nung maid namin so I had no choice, but to use the money I had saved. No choice daw :))

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