A Whimsical Halloween Celebration

Halloween is an annual holiday observed by most countries around the world. It is a whimsical event of spooks, fright and terror usually associated with black cats, ghosts, costumes, full moons, jack-o-lanterns, foggy nights and more eerie creatures.


Festive Halloween decorations are almost everywhere, from the malls to every house in the neighborhood. Different fanciful celebration also takes place such as:

Trick-or-treating, which is also known as guising.  Children in groups dressed-up in spooky costumes knock from one door to another to ask for candies, biscuits and other goodies to fill in their baskets. Cheerful and jolly kids are out in the streets, enjoying their costumes playing and eating their collected goodies.

Attending spectacular costume parties for kids, teenagers and adults as well conducted in malls or in schools.

Families’ gather together for a picnic holiday, lighting bonfires with jack-o’-lanterns and cooking barbecue to enjoy under a full moon.

Others visit haunted attractions or just simply watch horror films.

Traditionally here in the Philippines, Halloween is the day where most families held reunions and visit the grave of their dead loved ones, lighting candles and offer prayer for the souls of the dead.

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