Choosing the Right Lipstick Shade for Your Skin tone

Have you been curious why celebrities and fashion magazine models always have luscious lips? Well, don’t be deceived for it’s not actually the lips that make it look good but the right shade of lipstick that they’re wearing. Definitely, what looks good on others won’t give the same result for you. Selecting the proper lipstick shade according to your skin tone will create a superb outcome.

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If you want to know which lipstick color is best suited for you, choose those two shades deeper than the color of your lips. During the days, it is advised to wear lighter shade lipstick not unless if you’re going to attend a special occasion like wedding or any similar special event.

Make-up artists recommend the pink shade because pink looks good on all skin color. Try to experiment with shades of pink, test on wearing it on a well lit area. It is wise to buy it as it works with most outfits and hairstyles.

If you have a fair skin, go for coral reds or dark reds with blue undertones. Pink and cranberry shades, and brick reds goes well for medium or olive skin, whilst reds with burgundy or brown tones will look impressive for dark skin.

The color of our lips greatly affects our overall appearance. The other entire make-ups can be omitted except for the lip color. It will serve as the determinant of your health status and can sometimes be used to identify your mood for the day.

Remember, wearing the wrong lipstick shade will make you look terrible no matter how nice is your outfit.


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