Common Loader Varieties – How Each Works

The two most common loader varieties used by businesses and companies are side loaders and low loaders. These loaders are both very versatile transport solutions that many transport companies provide for hire and they can be used to transport a broad range of heavy machinery and equipment, as well as sea and shipping containers. This is what side loaders, which are equipped with crane arms, are predominantly used for, whereas low loaders are more commonly used for transporting items of heavy equipment.

If you’re looking for a local transport company to provide your business with versatile low loader and side loader transport solutions, it’s a good idea to make sure that the transport solution you seek to arrange is the right solution for your business’s heavy haulage needs. That means you need to understand the pros and cons of these two loader varieties in relation to your heavy haulage requirements and have a comprehensive idea of how each loader variety works.

Low Loaders

Like tilt tray transport in Perth from Reef Group, low loaders are one of the most popular transport solutions available to businesses in need of heavy haulage solutions at cost-effective rates. While these innovative trucks can also be used to transport shipping containers (they’re usually equipped with container twist locks and stanchions), they’re more commonly used for transporting items of heavy equipment, like earthmoving and excavation equipment, to construction and building sites.

These trucks feature a ramp at the rear of the tray which enables items of equipment, like cranes and bulldozers, to be driven onto the tray and then secured in place using locks and stanchions. This is a very versatile transport solution that lends itself particularly well to hauling heavy equipment short and long distances, making it a popular choice among building and construction companies.

Side Loaders

These loaders are almost exclusively used for transporting shipping containers. They are equipped with crane arms which enable them to pick up shipping containers from the ground or a raised level onto the tray of the truck to the rear of the cabin. Due to the crane arms and the size of the shipping containers that they transport, these trucks require a large clearance space in which to be operated safely. What’s more, they need to be loaded and unloaded from the driver’s side of the truck, which means it’s essential to work out which way containers will be loaded onto the truck before it arrives.

In conclusion, these two loader varieties are among the most commonly used in heavy haulage. Each loader is operated in a different manner and they’re generally used for transporting different things, for example, side loaders are more commonly used for transporting shipping containers whereas low loaders are used for transporting items of heavy equipment and machinery.

However, as low loaders are very versatile and share a lot of similarities with tilt tray trucks (another popular transport solution that’s available to businesses), they’re also suitable for transporting sea and shipping containers. Take note of the points made here to make better informed decisions about your business’s heavy haulage requirements.


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