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Your First Moves to Make for a Minimal Home

minimal home

Do you dream of a minimal home? Many people do, but they’re not sure if it’s something they can achieve. If you desire a home that’s free of clutter and any unnecessary possessions, you can obtain it. You just have to put your mind toward clearing it out and focusing on the essentials. Once you’ve achieved a minimal home, you also need to be able to keep it as clean and tidy as you made it. Being able to make sensible purchases that don’t make your home a mess again is a vital skill. Get started on making your home more minimal with the tips below.

Get Rid of Clutter

Clutter is the enemy of any minimal home. As soon as piles of stuff start to build up, you can lose your clean and tidy look. Things start to take over every room and then you’re not sure how to get it back. If you want to start making your home a minimalist heaven, you have to start by getting rid of any clutter. A lot of interior design lovers can’t help picking up knick-knacks and decorations for their home. But then you can end up with too much and nothing looks coherent. You should decide on a clear theme and remove anything that doesn’t fit in with your vision.

Focus on the Essentials

When you redecorate your home, place your focus on the things you need. If it’s not functional, think carefully about whether it’s necessary. Of course, you can have items that are purely decorative. But even they should be carefully considered to ensure that they add something to a room. You should concentrate on the furniture, appliances and other essential items that each room needs. For example, place the focus of the bedroom on your bed. Don’t get distracted by trinkets and accessories that just take up space.

minimal home

Take Tips from Hotels

If you want your home to have a minimal look, you should take cues from hotels. Not all of them have a minimal look in their bedrooms, but many of them do. It’s easy to keep them clean and they appeal to more guests if they’re not too fussy. Look at chain hotels, whether they’re budget or luxury. You will see the same standards of clean lines and neutral colors. For example, most hotel beds will have white bedding, like the bed linen from Richard Haworth. Unless you look at very characterful hotels, they don’t tend to have lots of accessories like vases or picture frames.

Make Careful Purchases

It’s important to remember that keeping a minimal home is something you need to work on. You can’t just change your home once and then expect it to stay as you arrange it. You have to learn to make the right purchases so that you don’t fill your property with clutter again. Before you buy anything, ask yourself whether it’s a valuable addition to your home.

Make a plan before you get started on your minimal interiors. Everything will go more smoothly if you know what you’re doing first.


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