How To Earn Respect

How do we earn respect from the community, at work or at home?


Money cannot buy respect. No matter how rich you are, you just cannot simply get respect from giving away material things or using your influence and power to attract people.


Earning respect is based on a person’s own abilities and capabilities. Who you are, what you do, how you perform and your perspective over things are your scale on how well you mingle along with your family, friends and colleagues. Our personality traits, characteristics, an action or series of actions counts a lot in earning respect from others.


At home, be a model to your kids, show appreciation, be kind, use good language when talking and disciplining them. Rude talk shows a lack of respect for those around you. Treat your kids with the same respect you want to be treated with.


In the Community, we should learn how to find the right balance of being friendly while maintaining a professional attitude.  Adopting yourselves in certain situations is good but learn how to say NO.  Accept criticisms and opinion of others.


At work, don’t bring your problems from home with you to work or vice versa.  We need to be responsible to our deeds and actions at all times. We must believe that feelings matter, thus we must know how to listen non-judgmentally and non-defensively, must know how to express and validate feelings too. . Don’t be known as the Boss that is unreachable.  Be a team player.


Just be yourself! You will discover that it is a magnetic source of strength and people will be drawn to you.  Let your unique and wonderful personality shine through!  Do not fear of being rejected by others. Maintain and honor your principles because honesty and trustworthiness are the two keys to earning success in all areas of life.


We feel better when being respected and those who earn respect often have better relationships with those around them J

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