Keeping Your Skin Protected By Following The SPF System

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People from the other side of the world might be covered up with thick clothes and jackets at this time because of the cold season, but the other half is practically enjoying the heat of the sun. However, according to the recent discoveries, the heat of the sun these days is becoming hotter and has been linked to skin cancer, thus the use of SPF lotions and creams became a must for protection.


It is important to have knowledge on the SPF system and how to utilize it accordingly. SPF stands for Sun Protection Factor and it is being labeled on every sunscreen creams or lotions when applied at an even rate of 2 milligrams per square centimeter. 

The value of the SPF determines the capacity of a certain sunscreen to protect your skin against sunburn. However, its effectiveness can be altered by some factors like water, sweat, amount applied, absorption and type of skin.

If you have any plans of visiting the beach or perhaps staying outside for a longer period of time, do not forget to apply some sunscreen with the right amount of SPF few minutes before heading out in order to ensure proper absorption and maximum effectiveness. Our skin will serve as our first line of defense and should be protected above anything else.


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