5 Must Know Etiquette for Business Service Providers

Etiquette is defined as a code of social behaviour that is portrayed within conventional norms in society. Establishing positive and professional etiquette within business activities is pivotal to the success of the firm. It isn’t hard to conduct yourself to clients and everyday customers in a professional manner, however some employees’ tend to lack the professionalism or etiquette necessary to provide a positive brand image. Here are 5 must know etiquette for people that work in the service industry.

Smile and be Friendly During Interaction

You may run or work in a business that deals with customers or clients face-to-face on a daily basis. The first thing you should always do is greet with a positive smile and maintain interaction in a friendly manner. Whether your interactions with the customer are regarding a positive or negative nature, providing a smile and friendly service will go a long way in business activities. Whether business evolves or not, people will remember the firm based on the interaction with the one sole employee.

Always Listen to you Customers

When interacting with your customer, whether it is initial contact or ongoing, you should always listen to what they have to say. Whether you agree or disagree, the old terminology of ‘the customer is always right’ still stands. After you have listened to what they have to say, you can repeat what they have said to ensure your understanding. Here you can also provide suggestions or solutions and this will demonstrate to your customer that you have listened to them and understand their needs.

Call Backs and Follow Ups

There is nothing worse in the services industry than being told that someone will get back to you, then they don’t! As a customer, you expect a certain level of service form the provider. From a business perspective, if you mention to a customer you’ll get back to them with information you have to source, make sure to deliver on that promise. A business is as good as the person delivering the service and if false promises are made, this can be detrimental to the brands image.

Stand Up to Meet and Greet

When formally being introduced to someone for the first time, whether it be social or professional, you should always stand up to shake hands and greet. Many people identify this as a sign of respect and if you maintain your seated position to shake hands, this may be determined as disrespectful. You should always stand up to meet for the first time and greet on any further interaction. This will develop positive relationships for all those involved.

Manners and Appreciation

During interaction with customers and clients, always maintain kind and professional manners. Simply using the common gestures ‘please’ and ‘thank-you’ will create a positive light on you as the service provider and on the firm’s reputation. It is also important to show your appreciation for their business or services they have provided. This may already be integrated with the common gestures and manners you currently preserve throughout your friendly interaction.

These 5 common etiquette within business services are crucial to ensure the success and reputation of the firm you work for. Furthermore, this will provide a positive and professional outlook on you as an employee as you build networks and relationships. Be sure to give your customers and clients your business card to develop future business.

Written by Mick Cutcliffe.  Mick works as a business consultant. He specializes in finding cost-saving measures for small business owners.  

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