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The week prior to Christmas tends to induce panic in the well-meaning but disorganised amongst us. How on earth am I supposed to find thoughtful gifts for the one’s I love, AND take care of all the other end of year business? There are of course some types who have all this business sorted by the end of Spring, whom upon the beginning of Summer are at the ready with trays full of mince pies, Santa tee shirts, and the beatific smile of the highly ordered.

For those of us who care greatly about the quality of the gifts we give, yet don’t have the time to rush from shop to shop, online quality jewellery and giftware specialists such as Seagull Gifts offer a fantastic range of options to suit every budget.


Jewellery, is, without exception, always welcomed by women. No matter how utilitarian a gal might be in her everyday life, she is always happy to receive a beautiful necklace, ring, or pair of earrings. If she does happen to be in the minority of women who have a genuine distaste for bodily adornments, there are plenty of other stunning choices one might consider. Crystal figurines, antique Italian pewter bowls, trinket boxes, table bells, to name but a few.

The ease and convenience of shopping for gifts at this time of year make it hard to beat. No crowds, no fights for car parks, no pushy shop assistants trying to persuade you that you’d be much better off with the crystal duck rather than the crystal deer, despite your protestations that deers are your beloved’s favourite creature. To see for yourself how easy shopping for jewellery and gifts online can be, visit Seagull Gifts


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