The Rudy Project Sports Watch

Yahmir, my youngest son wishes for a wrist watch as his birthday gift last August 12, 2011.  The watch he is wearing aside from having plenty of scratches on its glass is already telling false time. We had just changed its battery, but just the same the time is always late. He told me that sometimes it just stops and needs a hard shake in order to let its arms get to work again, lol. 
On August 9, I was very happy when I get informed through email that I won the Grand Prize of The Journalistic View’s Author birthday giveaway.  The prize I won was a Rudy Project Sports Watch.  On the same day, I immediately told my husband that we don’t need to buy a watch for Yahmir on his birthday for I already won one
Yahmir was very happy to have his wish come true.  Big thanks to The Journalistic View for my winning; a blessing that came on the right time where it is most needed and at once served its purpose.

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  1. Congratulations on winning the sports watch. It's just in time that your child needed one. God is good po talaga. 🙂

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