Thrill-Seeing Activities To Enjoy In The UK

The UK is renowned for being a country that’s full of tranquil getaways, unspoilt countryside and a relaxing atmosphere. While these qualities are true in some areas, the UK is also home to plenty of thrill-seeking activities for those of us with a real sense of adventure. The demand for these experiences has boomed with more and more people looking to get their adrenaline fix. If your idea of a fun time is pushing your limits and increasing your heart rate, you absolutely need to try out some of these.

Take a Zipline ride in Snowdonia

A common feature in some of the best action films, zip line rides are the experience of a lifetime. Snowdonia has the longest and fastest zipline ride in Europe, suspended 500ft above the Penrhyn Quarry. The line may only be a just under a mile long, but you will reach speeds of up to 100 mph all while travelling head first down cliffs and mountains. This is said to be the closest experience to skydiving without jumping out of a plane and makes the ideal activity for any wannabe stunt man or woman. If this doesn’t sound that exciting, enough the Zip world centre also offers zip lining and obstacle courses inside of caverns and caves too.

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Get on a rollercoaster in Blackpool

Visit Blackpool and take a trip to their famous pleasure beach amusement park. Some of the UK’s most iconic and unique roller coasters and rides are based here. Prepare yourself for a day filled with extreme thrills that cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world. Infusion, for example, is the first looping coaster to be suspended over water and Revolution is the only 360-degree coaster in Europe. Having these incredible rides all in one place is a bonus and should not be missed if you’re looking for a breath-taking experience.

Dine above the buildings in London

If you want to try out something truly unique and daring, why not try a dine above the sky experience. Their sky platforms include a large table with roller coaster style seating which can comfortable sit around 22 people. The platform is then raised 25 metres in the air and will leave you and your group suspended while you dine. You may not be moving quickly or doing some daring manoeuvres. But the feeling of being suspending will be exhilarating and almost unnerving to begin with. Seeing the look on everybody’s face as you get lifted above building will make this activity, even more, fun. Plus you’ll also get a whole new perspective of London as you’ll be seeing it from almost a bird’s eye view.

These thrill seeking activities are not for the faint hearted but are definitely worth experiencing. They will open your eyes to new sights and challenge you to try new things. Whatever you choose to do, carefully listen to the safety advice given to you by the guides. Also, always wear appropriate footwear and clothing. Safety has to be a priority, even when you’re having the thrill of a lifetime.

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