Perfect Holiday Gifts for Drivers

giftsEveryone has family and friends on their holiday gift list who are hard to buy for. Sometimes the difficulty of finding the perfect gift leads to gift givers buying something ordinary or simple just to get the gift buying process complete. However, when you buy that particular someone a driving-inspired holiday present, you can rest assured that the gift will be appreciated and put to good use. Driving holiday gifts range from roadside assistance memberships to many different types of driving accessories. To find more gift ideas that will impress nearly anyone keep reading below.

Driving-Inspired Gift Ideas:

Roadside Assistance Membership

Whether your hard to buy for family member travels all across Australia, or just back and forth to work, there may come a time when they need emergency roadside assistance. These memberships are usually good for one year at a time and offer drivers an array of car services including towing, tire change and a variety of discounts at many Australian businesses.

Driving Sunglasses

In Australia, the glare from the sun can make driving extremely uncomfortable and possibly even dangerous. For this reason, you may want to select a pair of sunglasses that are perfect for driving. Zenith Sunglasses have polycarbonate lenses and are anti-reflective and anti-scratch. These sunglasses or any comparable to them will make driving easier and more comfortable. With a variety of colours and styles available, they can also help your special person make a fashion statement as well. 


Many years ago portable GPS systems were thought of as a luxury that only the very rich or sophisticated could afford. However, these handy little electronics are extremely affordable now and are perfect for helping a driver get exactly where they need to go. Since they are extremely easy to use, they are perfect for any driver on your list including very young drivers and elderly drivers too.

Luggage Trays

If someone on your list loves to take long road trips around Australia, consider buying them a luggage tray. Luggage trays fit easily on the top of vehicles and allow drivers to haul their luggage and supplies on top of their vehicle instead of taking up precious space inside the vehicle. If your gift recipient is a surfer or a boater, you may consider a surfboard carrier or a watercraft carrier as well.

Smartphone Charger

Everyone seems to have a smartphone nowadays, so a smartphone charger makes perfect sense. These little chargers can be mounted right inside the vehicle, which makes it super easy to charge your cell phone while driving. It also makes it exceedingly convenient to use the smartphones speaker phone option, so you can make sure your gift recipient is using both hands while driving.

Any of the above gift ideas will let your recipient know that you were thinking outside the box when you chose their present. The fact that you put a great deal of thought into their gift will likely leave them with a warm feeling in their heart during the holiday season, and each time they hit the road with your well thought out gift in tow.


Taylor Ritchie is an auto enthusiast. She spends a lot of her time in cars due to her work as a travelling writer. She enjoys sharing her tips and stories on various driving blogs.

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