WIFI Dead Zones No More with Xiaomi AIoT Router AX3600

Are you also experiencing weak internet signals in several areas of your home? Have you checked what causes the WIFI dead zones in your house?

One of the best ways to fix WIFI dead zones around the house is to set up a router. It will help improve the speed, signal, and range of your wireless internet.

Since, all of my family members are using the internet for work, entertainment, and homeschooling, a workspace apart from each other is needed. However, our room walls weaken the WIFI signal. So, I looked up for a good router, and luckily, I have found this Xiaomi AIoT Router AX3600, one of the best buys I got from Shopee. It has an impressive performance for a low price.

What to expect from Xiaomi AIoT Router AX3600

It is a great buy as it is the flagship model among routers from Xiaomi.

Offers up to 5 times higher transfer speeds and you will find support for the latest WiFi 6 standard (IEEE 802.11ax) with OFDMA and 8×8 MU-MIMO

Great signal response and better transmission over obstacles such as walls even if multiple devices are connected at the same time on a 300m2 coverage.

Xiaomi AIoT Router AX3600 supports both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, bands.

The router has up to 7 external antennas:

  • PA (Power Amplifier) which amplifies the signal strength
  • LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) takes care of signal reception and allows the router to receive even weaker signals from devices that are further away.
  • 2 antennas for the 2.4 GHz band
  • 2 antennas for the 5Ghz band.
  • AIoT Dedicated Antenna located in the middle is used exclusively for Xiaomi smart home devices.

WIFI Dead Zones No More WIFI Dead Zones No More

Router Placement

Fortunately, my eldest son is an IT so he is the one who configured and set up our router. To provide even coverage around our home, he positioned the router on a higher rack in the center of the house. He also updated the router’s software for better performance.

What Causes Wifi Dead Zones

Physical barriers inside the house like doors, furniture, walls and anything that has metal like a refrigerator or even a microwave can kill your WIFI signal.

How to Find Weak WIFI Spots

Walk around the house using your smartphone connected to your wireless network. Check the signal indicator, if the signal strength drops to the lowest level, then it is a dead zone.

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