5 Useful Tools you Must Have When Cleaning Your Office

Cleaning the office is a tough task, and honestly it would be easier to just employ someone else to do it, but if you are hell bent on getting it done yourself then its not as simple as taking some cleaning products from home and getting it done. No, you need specialised equipment, some simple tools that will allow you to do your job.


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Steam Cleaner

If you have hardwood floors, linoleum, fittings or carpets a steam cleaner will do the job. They may not be cheap but it’s a small price to play to clean up any mess on any floor if you do a decent job with it. Steam cleaners are readily available online and they will not only clean most surfaces but they will serve to sanitise and kill off any germs that may be on it.


Pressure Washer

A pressure washer is something AMC Commercial Cleaning recommends for most situations as it is environmentally friendly and completely free of harmful chemicals that might do damage to you or your co-workers. A pressure washer uses high pressurised water to blast paint, excess dirt and mould from crevices and surfaces. They can be used with ease and while they may be more expensive than some other methods the fact all they need is water and power to work means they may be cheaper in the long run.


Industrial Broom

This sounds pretty basic, the idea that cleaning requires a broom. But the kind of broom is important. An industrial broom is much more likely to catch hold of things other brooms may miss. While it may seem silly a good strong and harsh bristled broom can quite easily deal with problems most normal ones can’t. Having a broom that won’t break or fail as you work is a luxury you won’t even think about.


Anti Bacterial Aerosol Dispenser

Many brands of aerosol air freshener have disinfectant effects. This is more of a thing that should exist all the time but its particularly important while cleaning. Dust dirt and bacteria get stirred up and things that will make people sick if they are left in the air. This also has the benefit of postponing the need to clean something that is difficult and troublesome to deal with. The air vents.


Microfibre Cloths

These cloths are used to pick up dirt grime and dust from any and all surfaces. These can be acquired anywhere and are magnificent magnets for grime and scum. These are for counter tops, sinks, bathrooms and any other places that are just day to day easy to quick clean. Simple and effective.


These are some simple products at varying levels of expense and difficulty to obtain that will make a thorough, environmentally safe clean office. You can get it clean quickly and absolutely without hurting anyone or anything.



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  1. Our company provides for maintenance and cleaning services regularly in each departments and I do see them carry most of the items mentioned above except for the steaming machine which they only carry around after office hours or during off days.

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