Counting Down The Days Till Summer? Start Preparing Your Home With These Tips And Tricks

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For most people, Summer is their favourite time of the year, and it’s not hard to see why. It lets us spend more outside, whether it’s socialising with friends or going on day trips with the family. It’s a refreshing time of year where everything and everyone feels more alive and energetic. Unlike the cold and sleepy winter. Getting your home ready for summer now may seem slightly premature. But it can actually help you enjoy it far more. To help get you started here are some handy tips and tricks that will get your home summer ready in no time.

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Empty out your freezer

Your freezer is an invaluable appliance during the hot summer months. So you need to make sure it is ready for the challenge of keeping your family’s ice cream cool. Empty every drawer and get rid of anything that’s been in there for a long time. Let it defrost fully to get rid of ice buildup which could be taking up valuable space. You should now be left with a spacious freezer that’s ready to be filled with popsicles, burgers, and other summer foods. Oh and don’t forget to stock up on ice cubes which you can enjoy in cocktails and smoothies.

Stock up on the essentials

Many stores will boost the price of basic summer essentials when the temperature starts to rise. But buying items such as sunscreen, after sun and hayfever tablets now could help save you some money. So declutter your medicine cabinets and drawers and work out which items you’re running low on. Having these items stocked up and ready for when summer arrives will be far more convenient for you and your family. You should also consider buying new beach towels, linens and outdoor games for additional preparation.

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Clean your decking

Your deck or patio will have experienced the full force of the harsh winter weather and require some TLC. You’ll need it to look it’s best for all the outdoor family time you’re planning on having. Start by removing any branches, leaves and debris. Then use warm soapy water or a pressure washer to bring a new lease of life into your outdoor space. Consider giving it a fresh lick of paint or protect it with a sealant. Also, clean your outdoor tables, chairs, and upholstery to make them look more inviting to sit on. This will ensure your decking is ready for it’s summer use.

Get your air conditioning ready

Over the winter, your air conditioning unit probably didn’t get a lot of use. But as soon as the summer months arrive the warmer temperatures will put in back in demand. So turn it on and make sure it is in full working order. You may need to change the filter or consider an air conditioning repair service if it’s not working at full capacity. Many people won’t think to do this beforehand. But getting it sorted out now will make sure you and your family stay cool at home throughout the summer.

Getting your home ready for the summer will only make you more excited for it to arrive. So start your preparations today and get a summer feeling like no other.


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