Face Paint Design for Kids

During kiddie parties, face painting is one of the most solicited perks that kids truly enjoy. Face paint ideas vary widely and artist have complex designs that may involve advance brush strokes and lots of colors. If you can’t find an artist can work on your event, you can still put up a face painting booth that can give your kid and his or her friends a fun and exciting experience.


Consider using face masks for stunning face paint designs. Ready to apply face mask are easy to use and the kids can safely wear it and show spotless designs without any effort on your part. You can find these specialty masks from party shops and they are available in superhero, puppy or bunny masks.


If you’re going to paint kid’s faces, be sure to use skin-safe colors. Some paints used on paper can’t be used for the skin. Ask for something that can be safely used for face painting or anything that will not cause any skin irritations if used for long hours. Avoid putting face paint very close in sensitive areas of the face such as eyes and lips. Parties will surely keep kids active and sweaty, face paint applied near the eyes may cause irritations while paint applied near the lips may accidentally be swallowed.


Aside from kiddie parties wherein face painting designs consists of flowers, hearts, butterflies and other colorful ideas, thick bright makeup is also used in zombie running events and during the Halloween celebration. Below are my two sons – JM who is doing a scary face paint on Yahmir’s face for his Halloween festival in school last November, 2013.


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