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Five Signs You Need New Windows For Your Home

New windows can incredibly change the look and feel of any home. However, this doesn’t mean your home is ready for a window overhaul. How can you know that your windows need replacing? For the unsure readers, these are five signs that you need new windows for your home.

Your Home is Drafty

Any window might allow a tiny bit of air to slip through. However, windows that aren’t performing properly will allow a noticeable draft through. As windows age, they let more air in over time. While sealants can provide temporary fixes, the problem will ultimately worsen over time. The only real fix for this type of problem is a window replacement.

Your Windows Are Difficult to Shut and Open

Windows that have a hard time staying open, or don’t seem to want to open at all, will need a replacement before long. Even an incorrect paint job on metal and wooden windows can be enough to throw a window’s function off. Difficulty with opening and shutting a window is not often an issue that corrects itself over time.

You See Condensation in Your Multi-Paned Windows

Older double-paned and triple-paned windows will disintegrate over time, allowing more moisture to seep through them. If you see excessive condensation between the glass panes of your windows, it’s likely that seal failure has occurred. This type of problem is indicative of a window’s failure to keep the elements outside. Additionally, this could pose problems if the moisture actually makes its way into your home.

Your Energy Bill is High

Modern windows are designed to be energy-efficient, but the same can’t be said for older models. Even if an older window model was once effective at keeping cool/hot air at bay, this may have changed over time. If poorly functioning windows are left untreated, you could be stuck paying an unnecessary amount of money on your energy bill. If the window is not approved by Energy Star, it’s probably best to upgrade.

Your Window Trim is Decaying

Lastly, an update to your windows might be imminent if the trim around them is start to cracking, rot, or fall away. This type of window damage is often a sign of a moisture problem. Additionally, cracking and rotting could be indicative of damage from UV rays or significant changes in temperature. If the trim around your windows is beginning to decay, it’s most definitely time to begin shopping for new ones.


Replacing your windows can make your home more valuable and more energy-efficient, saving you money on utilities. There are many different designs and styles you can choose from to compliment your home. Informational credit to Northern Comfort.




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  1. This is some great information, and I appreciate your point that condensation inside your windows can indicate you need new ones. I’ve noticed that there’s some water in between the panes of my front window in my living room, but I hadn’t considered that that means the seal is compromised. With that in mind, I’ll definitely look into having that replaced to keep my home energy efficient. Thanks for the great post!

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