From Toys to Collectibles: Best Remote Controlled Toys for Christmas!

From Toys to Collectibles: Best Remote Controlled Toys for Christmas!

It’s the season to be jolly, and nothing makes children happier than new toys. However, it is also important to realize that they do not come cheap, nor do they last. Memories are also often attached to them. This makes it harder for children to let them go once they grow older. You would want to find the best remote controlled toys that can last, be entertaining, and transition into adulthood.

One toy type that sticks out in my mind are remote-controlled toys. These toys are safely cared for most of the time, and left to be displayed when unneeded. Both of my sons used to play very often with them. To this day, they still have these toys and are in working order. Now, my youngest enjoys to build his own RC toys as a hobby. It gives him a different experience to something he used to play with.

Unfortunately, getting the right RC toy can be a little difficult. In the present time, it is also dangerous to go out shopping due to COVID19. Asking for details about a toy can take longer, and it is harder to know where to start. As such, I have prepared a list of ideal RC toys (and how safe they are) to get for your children on the coming Christmas Season!

ANTAPRCIS RC Robot Dog Toy (3+ years old)

If getting a real pet is tough for you but your children wants one, then getting a Robot Dog is a good alternative. It acts almost like a real dog, and is easily programmable. It can sing, dance, bark, and walk. It saves you the cost of buying dog meals, as well as time from cleaning up after a pet.

Arguably, it is the safest toy in this list. It won’t bite your children, and has a smooth and round body that avoids any injury. It is smarter than it looks like, and has a rechargeable 2 AA batteries in its socket.

Best Remote Controlled Toys

SGILE 4WD Remote Control Toy Car (4+ years old)

We are starting off simple with this RC toy. It can move forwards, back, reverse, do 360 spins, and 180 flips with a few buttons. This means that there are 120 possible moves that your child can do with this toy. Its controls are simple enough for children as early as 4 years old to play with adult supervision.

We all know that children can sometimes try and take a bite out of their toys. This RC stunt car does not have any sharp parts that can potentially harm your children. Its exterior is made with a mixture of premium ABS plastic, and non-toxic explosion-proof PVC materials. This makes the toy durable, and harder to destroy.

It has a rechargeable 4.8V 700mAh battery, allowing the toy to last longer for children to enjoy.

Remote Controlled Toys

ANTAPRCIS Gesture Control Robot (3+ years old)

If cars are not your children’s thing, then that’s perfectly understandable. My youngest was into figurines more than cars. Fortunately, RC toys are not limited to cars. An RC robot is a prime example of what RC toys can achieve.

It has a bulky design, which will prevent the child from choking from any small pieces. It is also very intelligent, and will avoid obstacles if it is left to its patrol function. Hand gestures allows it to move, so a child can play with it without a remote! It can sing and dance for the child, and entertain them with it at least twice a day.

Unlike the previous one though, the remote-control part of this toy is something that only the parent has to control. This is especially true if the child is younger than 4 years old. Once the child grows older, they can input as many as 50 motion commands into the robot using the remote. This gives them a whole new experience to enjoy with the robot.

It has a battery life of 60 minutes, and the charging time of roughly two hours.

Best Remote Controlled Toys

ANTAPRCIS Large RC Dinosaur Robot (3+ years old)

My youngest son is a big fan of dinosaurs. Ever since he was little, he had a huge fascination with them. He frequently watched Land Before Time. If your child was like mine, then they would surely appreciate an RC Dinosaur. I recommend this toy if your child is at least older than 3 with some adult supervision.

This dinosaur can dance with prerecorded music, and touching its head would cause it to interact with the child. It can receive instructions from the remote controller, and shoot the sucker bullets on its top. It can be programmed with multiple actions, allowing the dinosaur to play a series of actions.

Unlike the previous ones in this list, it does not have a rechargeable battery. It requires 1 Lithium ion battery to operate.

Best Remote Controlled Toys

ANTAPRCIS Remote Control Toy Car (6+ years old)

The very first RC toy that I have bought my children before was an RC racing car. This was the toy that introduced my children to Remote Controlled toys. I can remember my youngest frequently bumping the RC against walls, but the toy stayed intact. As it turns out, it is made of high-quality ABS and PA material.

The toy runs with a speed of 18km/h, allowing children to compete and race against each other with a thrill. Its controller is pretty simply to use, so even a complete novice can use it. However, it must be noted that this toy should be played with carefully as it consists of potentially sharp and small materials

It has two 6V 600mAh rechargeable batteries, allowing it to last for 50 minutes.


Best Remote Controlled Toys

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