Meeting the Dark Knight

Yahmir is a solid fan of Batman.  He has a collection of Batman cars which I will be featuring in my next entry of this meme. 
The latest Batman film entitled The Dark Knight was shown in the cinemas on 2008.  Yahmir got very excited to know that The Dark Knight is conducting mall tours and the nearest mall to us was one of his destinations. 
My husband promised him that he is going to meet his idol.  We fetch him from school after his classes on the day of Batman’s scheduled mall tour.
He was very excited to meet his toy figure in person. There were plenty of children together with their parents gathered in the section where Batman conducted a question and answer contest.  We sat on the side, then when The Dark Knight started asking questions about his Batman stories, Yahmir was always raising his hand but has no luck on being picked to answer.  The last question given was “Who was Batman’s Butler?” No-one but Yahmir raised a hand, finally he was called. He answered in full smiles “Alfred is Batman’s Butler”.  We didn’t know that last question would be given a special prize. Lucky eh.

He was given a chance to take pictures with his idol. The picture was taken 2008 and still standing in a picture frame in his room. This is one of his memorable  and unforgettable moments, his toy that came to life, whom he shook hands with and hold him upon taking their picture.
My second entry for the weekly Toy Stories Meme.

Toy Stories

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  1. ay ang macho ni batman 😀 ahahhahah~ nica naman ng pic 😉 katuwa ang mga kids natin ano…:)

    tahnks for joining! 🙂 sna nga dumami tayu eh 🙂

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