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How To Back Up Files

Have you ever experienced that on the next time you open your personal computer, it just won’t boot up? All of your important files are there and you need to finish a task or work in the soonest time but unluckily you cannot run on your schedule because of your computer’s system failure. 

This is the reason why it is deem necessary to do a back-up or a copy of your most important computer files regularly.  It will surely make you worry-free and save your time retrieving lost files if your computer hard disk failed or has been corrupted.

Here is a tutorial on how to make a back up file.

  • First, organize your files.  Simply create folders on separate files, then rename it accordingly for easy navigation and find.
  • Put all your important files in one place, or on your desired drive partition, in my case I have my important files in my Drive D.
  • Decide on which of the following options you want your files copied and saved: 
              a. flash disk 
              b. external hard drive
              c. burn it into a dvd recordable format
              d. online file storage, the web offers online storage, and you have plenty of sites to choose from
  • Start copying the files you want to back-up and you’re done!

Just make sure to do it on a regular basis, so new added files will be saved on to your external copy.


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  1. ito ang kailangan ko. sangkatutak na ang mga pics ko sa pc at medyo mababa na memory. kelangan ko na ata bili ng external memory.awts

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