Memories are made of this

All of us can no doubt think of some great times we’ve shared with friends and family and sometimes when you stop to examine them you will often find that these don’t always revolve around special occasions or big events.

Although weddings, birthday parties and other major celebrations can make for some fantastic shared times and often have lots of photos taken to help us remember them, these are not the only times which can lay down life long memories.  

Often it is the case that the more casual and off guard moments are easily recalled as being relaxed and fun times shared with those closest to us. Simple things like someone popping round to where we live unannounced can give the most pleasure and often it is the traditions of sharing some food or drink when you least expect it which can bring out the best in people.

A simple thing like making some beans on toast to share can mean as much to someone as a full blown three course meal at a favourite restaurant; if the mood and the occasion is right of course.

These simple pleasures are exactly the kind of memories that live with us throughout our lives, recalling good times from each stage and sometimes spurring us on to find out how people we may have lost contact with are getting on in their own lives.

There is a line of thought that makes out that simple foods are a solitary experience. A brilliant new online campaign for Heinz Baked Beans shows four very different people of all ages making a meal using the new snap pot containers which go straight in the microwave with little fuss and bother. There are no tins to open and no pots and pans to clean afterwards.

It is a really good ad that is quite heart-warming, but it isn’t just when you are on your own that making a meal that simple can come in handy. If you have some guests round, whether expected or otherwise, what is the point of them sitting in one room whilst you slave away in the kitchen, stressing over some complicated menu?

Although the simple things in life aren’t necessarily free, they don’t have to be expensive or complicated either. Taking inspiration from Heinz and grabbing a couple of snap pots could therefore be the modern way to break bread with friends and family and, as their advert shows us, there is no time when Heinz isn’t the best choice.

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