Themes of “DC’s Stargirl”

Stargirl is a superheroine that anyone can admire. This brazen, fearless legacy hero has to learn how to balance the ordinary with the extraordinary. At the same time, she has to further define her leadership skills for her team, the Justice Society of America. There’s a lot a contemporary high schooler can learn by watching Stargirl do her thing.

Writer and producer Geoff Johns started working on the TV show, “DC’s Stargirl,” in 2018. The show premiered in the spring of 2020 and quickly became popular. The tone of the show has only intensified over the years, making the upcoming third season all the more exciting.

Worlds Collide

Throughout the second season of “DC’s Stargirl,” the line between Stargirl’s school life and superhero life become increasingly blurred. The Justice Society is confronted with a new rival team, Injustice Unlimited, which is composed of Stargirl’s classmates. More epic showdowns happen within school grounds, bringing faculty into the fold.


One of the most important aspects of “DC’s Stargirl” is leadership. The Justice Society can be a bit naive and overbold, but the members have S.T.R.I.P.E. mentoring them and Stargirl keeping everyone’s spirits up. The members of Injustice Unlimited, on the other hand, have a hard time following in their parents’ footsteps and make grave mistakes. The leader, Cindy Burman, tries to use a black diamond to get her way, but this plan backfires. Eclipso is released from the jewel, wreaking havoc around town. This sequence of events goes to show that when people dabble with evil, they make themselves potential victims of someone else’s maleficence.


Then comes another important theme: Fear. Eclipso’s primary skill is exploiting the fears of others so he can bring out their worst personality traits. Eclipso can cause hallucinations, paranoia, and dread in the people he comes across. His main target is Stargirl since her Cosmic Staff can help him take control of the entire world.

Stargirl overcomes Eclipso with the help of the Justice Society and her own self-determination. Eclipso tries to make her feel guilty, hateful, and weak all at once so he can finally gain access to her staff. The plan almost works, but Stargirl’s team comes to the rescue along with none other than Starman, the original holder of the Cosmic Staff.

There’s no telling where the third season will go now that Stargirl’s predecessor has emerged. Eclipso is weakened, and Injustice Unlimited is disassembled, but new challenges are likely to come up. Is the Justice Society up for these challenges?

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