On The Road: 5 Little Known Packing Tips

Traveling is exciting, but it also means that you’re going to have to spend some time packing. Truly, packing is not enthralling at all. To help expedite the process, what tips can you employ?


Roll Your Shirts

You did it. You said you weren’t going to buy any more clothes, but you had to buy it from Reem mens clothing. Now, you have a ton of shirts to bring. For more space, try rolling them instead of folding them. Rolling the shirts and even some of your jeans can actually take up less space. You will likely need to use an iron on some of them when you are ready to get dressed.

Use the Pocket

Suitcases have all different sorts of pocket with various purposes. However, some people tend to avoid them. If your suitcase has a dedicated space for a laptop or a cell phone, you should use it. The area is, hopefully, padded to keep these items save, and you will save room in the bag.

Consider What You Need

Some people under pack, but you tend to bring too much. Think about what you really need. Even if you want to have some options, you do not need 10 shirts if you are going away for three nights. Try to narrow it down to six, two possibilities per day. Read the hotel’s website to find out what it provides. No need exists to bring a blow dryer when all of the rooms have one.

Separate Bathroom Bag

Does this situation happen to you often when you get to the hotel: You are in the shower, realize you left something in your suitcase, run out to get it, return to the shower and realize you forgot something else. Instead of this confusion, pack a separate shower and/or bathroom bag. Just keep it on the sink counter the entire time you are there.

Dirty Clothes Compartment

You don’t want to leave dirty clothes lying around the hotel room all week, but you also do not want them on top of your clean clothes. Bring a separate duffel bag to put them in. Some people bring garbage bags. However, the cleaning staff might mistake this bag for garbage, and you might end up losing some of your items.

Packing for a trip can be a bit cumbersome. Just do not wait until the last minute and be sure to use these tips before you leave on your next vacation.


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