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Stylish Lighting for Smaller Spaces

When it’s time for decorating and the space you have to work with is small then there is one important rule by which you must abide – work with what you have. If there is no room for a full-size chandelier, and you want more than a pendant lamp there is a solution. A mini-chandelier offers all the benefits of a hanging fixture in a smaller, stylish package.



Transforming Your Living Space From Small to Chic

You can turn your living space into your own little mansion, but only if you take the time to assess what you have and identify your options. Lighting can make all the difference to that little space. Here are a few tips you can follow as you make that small space into your personal mansion.

1. Lights for Functionality and Beauty

Do not just select a light because you like it. In a small space there is no room for a dysfunctional light hanging overhead or anywhere else. Space makes for precious real estate here so think beauty and function. Your lighting will be bringing you light, and it will also be adding some character to your space. Believe it or not, the lighting you choose does say something about you – so why not let it make a statement? 

2. Recessed Lights

If there’s nowhere for a small chandelier, recessed lighting might work just fine. This is a subtle yet elegant way to add lighting to just about any space you need to add it. Recessed lighting is installed via small holes directly into the ceiling. The lights fixtures are small and discreet and will compliment any decor. They are a fantastic option because of their versatility.

3. Close to Ceiling Lights

These offer you a wide range of beautiful selections. Once again go for the combination of beauty and functionality. Close to ceiling lighting will give you the advantage of space that you would not get with a large chandelier. This lighting will give off a fairly soft glow that makes them ideal for areas such as your bathroom, bedroom and hallway.

4. Pendants/Drop Lights

These lights add spunk to your room. They are ideal for areas such as the dining room and your kitchen. Pendants or drop lights are great because they add both beauty and functionality to your living space. They make perfect sense in areas where visibility is a problem such as counter tops and table tops and illuminate an area beautifully and simply.

5. Wall Sconces

Just looking at wall sconces gives you that sense of elegance. They bring warmth and character to the space they are installed and also gives a room a sense of balance. They usually come in pairs and can be used in areas such as doorways and hallways. They will also do a great job of adding balance to your mirror and headboard. No matter what your decor, you should be able to find suitable sconces.

Lighting fixtures are a great addition to any space, large or small, and can be used to gain some amazing results.


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